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South Step Trench


Çadır Höyük (pronounced "chader hoyook") is an artificial mound in central Turkey that contains the remains of some 6,000 years of human settlement. Ruined communities ranging from the Middle Chalcolithic era to the Byzantine period sit layer atop layer, reaching a height of 32 meters above the valley plain. Thus, captured beneath the surface is an important chronological story of the fortunes and misfortunes of a region and its peoples.
A team formerly led by Dr. Ron Gorny of the University of Chicago has been unearthing the site's secrets since 1993, revealing evidence that has led to a better understanding of the human geography of that great crossroads of civilizations and empires, the Anatolian plateau. A mission of discovery in every sense, the Çadır Höyük excavation has also aimed to create an exciting learning environment for archaeologists of all levels of experience.



Cadir Hoyuk
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